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At the Healthy for Life Wellness Center we only recommend the best and the highest quality nutritional products and professional line of multivitamins, amino acids, essential fats and nutraceuticals to help you live healthy for life

At the Healthy for Life Wellness Center we take great pride in the products we carry. Everything that we endorse and recommend to our clients needs to pass a high level of scrutiny by myself. In a time where there is little truth in labeling and a poorly regulated nutritional supplement industry, you can feel secure knowing that we will only provide the highest level of pharmaceutical grade products. All of our supplements, shakes, and nutrition bars have unsurpassed purity and proven efficacy.

Many food and nutrition companies have stood up to the task of making safe high quality food and nutrition supplement products.  These companies have gone the extra mile to insure that their products contain pure biologically active ingredients, free from impurities, toxins, synthetic chemicals and use only the essential amounts of preservatives. 

Dr. Chris has taken the time to search and find those companies that makes the highest quality and reliable products.  At our center we have access to over 50 companies who make the best quality specialty products. We recommend and use many of these products in the office and feature some of these products on these pages.

If I wouldn’t give it to my mother, I would not recommend it to you. That is our promise.


To help you determine what you truly need we offer personalized nutrition testing and supplement counseling.  A personal nutritional consultation and nutritional laboratory testing will help you to understand which nutritional supplements are essential for you personally.  Together we will determine the most cost effective and highest quality products for you to consume to help you and your family live a healthy life. A poor quality product equals no to poor results. To see effective results from any product it must contain certified bio-active compounds!


Foods designed to provide a high level of specific nutrients to support an essential function in the body...

You Deserve the Best
At the Healthy for Life Wellness Center we have available to you the highest quality functional medical foods and nutraceuticals to help you live healthy for life.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”   - Hippocrates

In the end of the 20th century, scientists became more aware of the amazing and broad spectrum of health, anti-aging, and disease preventing benefits of foods.  From foods especially high in this naturally occurring “new” array of phytonutrients—found in fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds — to nutrients from dairy, egg, and fish oil, a scientific term for them arose: Functional Foods. 

At the beginning of the 21st century, as the public became more aware of the many benefits of these functional foods, a new popular name for them arose: The SuperFoods. 

“Nutrients and other bioactive food components that occur naturally in foods act synergistically with other dietary elements...dietetics professionals have a unique opportunity to promote whole foods...In addition...functional food products can be developed that further enhance the health benefits of food... a combined functional food and food supplements approach may afford the greatest protection...”
– American Dietetic Association Position Paper on Functional Foods, 1995

In the future, a wide range of select foods may be “prescribed” to enhance the health of an individual. 
Medical foods are now being developed as nutritional powders formulated to help support specific health conditions.
Some of the leaders in this field of nutritional science include Metagenics, BioPharma Scientific, Thorne Research, Biotics Research, Designs for Health, Protocols for Life and many others. 

Protein and Nutra-ceutical powder formulations
Organic Foods
Balanced food protein bars
High quality omega and essential oils
Superfoods products
High quality rooibos, green and black teas

Some Recommended High Quality Functional Medical Foods:
Ultra-Meal formulation
Brain Sustain formulation
UltraClear Renew
Paleo Cleanse

At our office we recommend and have access to purchase products from the following companies:


Thorne Research

BioPharma Scientific

Allergy Research Group

Designs for Health

Innate Response

Klaire Labs

Lane Labs

Lignan Research

Life Link

Metabolic Maintenance

Metabolic Response Modifiers

Moss Nutrition Products

Nordic Naturals

Standard Process 

Apex Energetics 

Biotics Research 

Oakmont Labs

Omega Nutrition


Protocol for Life

Vital Nutrients

Douglas Labs  

Integrative Therapeutics

Research Nutritionals

Longevity Science

Maitake Products

Orthomolecular Products

Mycology Research Labs




Sedona Labs Pro

Zycal Bioceuticals