We offer take home lab test kits that you can purchase to test your biomarkers.  Contact us to purchase and pickup a lab test kit.

Lower your risk for a heart attack. Advanced testing of your biomarkers is NOW available at our office. 

Essential Screening Tests to Keep You Healthy
Get to Know Your Wellness Biomarkers

Our office is now affiliated with the Award Winning CLEVELAND HEART LAB. Cleveland Heart Lab is recognized as a leader in the most advanced cardio-vascular lab assessments for preventing heart attacks and strokes. For more information visit: 

Are you inflamed?  

Inflammation is a direct CAUSE of disease.
Chronic inflammation is an underlying cause of many chronic illnesses.
See the new inflammation biomarker information at:     
ZRT Labs Home Test Kits available   

Blood Spot test kits for:

Vitamin D3 levels
It is essential to test yourself to maintain a critical level of vitamin D3 in your blood. 

Male and Female Hormone Evaluation

How balanced are your hormones? Are you low in testosterone or estrogen? We now have a very cost effective way to measure the balance of the key metabolic hormones in your body.

Functional Thyroid Evaluation 

A comprehensive test of thyroid function including TSH, free T3, free T4 and thyroid anti-bodies to identify thyroiditis

Personalize Your Nutrition with Advanced Nutritional Testing. You Are Unique, just a single nutrient deficiency can affect your body in many ways! Find out what nutrition you really need, stop guessing – get tested!

At the CZL Healthy for Life Wellness Center our advanced nutritional evaluation can help you to understand your unique nutritional needs for your body.  At our center we specialize in applying the new modern techniques of nutritional laboratory analysis to help you identify and understand your unique genetic and metabolic nutritional needs.

We are committed to finding the underlying causes of your health and metabolic issues

Our unique and comprehensive approach will reveal how and why your body is not functioning properly. Specialized lab testing may be necessary to determine any imbalances in your chemistry. This may include state of the art food sensitivity testing, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and immune analysis, comprehensive functional blood chemistry, including a thorough hormone assessment.

Are you . . . 

  • Tired, Moody or Just Don’t Feel Right?
  • Confused About Nutritional Advice?
  • Are You Deficient in a Key Nutrient?
  • Wondering What Supplements to Take? 
  • Taking Prescription Medications? 

Advanced nutritional, food sensitivity and functional nutrition testing can help.

Metabolomix Plus Functional Nutritional Test is a test everyone should do to identify any nutrient deficiencies. The Genova Diagnostics Metabolomix test is a comprehensive test to assess your bio-individuality and need for essential nutrients.  It tests for many vital nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, essential omega fats and other key bio-markers of your health. View sample test report at   Go to Metabolomix test

Personalized Medicine DNA Testing and Nutri-Genomic Testing 

Get to know your genetics to fit your nutrition to your body. We now have genetic tests for methylation, detoxification genomics, celiac disease genomic tests available at an affordable cost.

Genomic Insight 

The Science of Precision Medicine with DNA Testing for Health Optimization. 
GenomicInsight is our latest precision-based medicine test, and is a clinical DNA test that analyzes single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). GenomicInsight allows practitioners to take personalized medicine and precision medicine to the next level. GenomicInsight is the most dynamic and comprehensive test available. Practitioners can now use the genome, unique to each patient, to influence critical areas of patient health, including methylation, hormone metabolism, aging, detoxification, HPA-Axis, and more. Nutrigenomics uses nutrition to influence a patient’s unique genome to treat or prevent disease. DNA testing and clinical understanding of the human genome is the epitome of personalized medicine.

Gluten and Other Food Sensitivities Bloodspot Test Kits

A food you are eating may be affecting your health and the way that you feel.  Get tested to identify foods like gluten and chemicals that you are sensitive to with the most advanced food and chemical sensitivity tests now currently available.   

GI – MAP:  GI Microbial Test

The GI-MAP is a comprehensive stool analysis that looks at DNA and uses quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) technology to evaluate gut pathogens, bacterial infections, viruses, and parasites.