Are you ready for a dramatic change in how you look and feel? 

Weight Loss with an Emphasis on Improved Energy and a Healthy Life

  • A personalized physician supervised and monitored program
  • A custom tailored plan designed for your specific individuality
  • An emphasis on balancing metabolic function for long term health
  • Personalized one on one consultations at your convenience
  • In depth evaluation and testing to identify imbalances in your metabolism
  • A balanced eating plan to enjoy whole foods abundant with nutrients

Are you. . . 

  • Frustrated with weight loss diet plans only to regain the weight years later ?
  • Worried that your weight is causing other health problems?
  • Confused about what to eat, diets, supplements and nutritional advice ?
  • Having food cravings and an appetite that is difficult to control?
  • Holding on to belly fat even if you lose some weight?
  • Tired all the time, stressed and have trouble sleeping well?
  • Exercising daily and frustrated about not losing additional weight ?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please read on.

Let’s stop the insanity.

Diet books, counting calories and watching the weight scale.

Our approach to improving weight is focused on balancing your body.  Ultimately it is the ability of your body metabolism to efficiently make energy for daily living that will determine whether you gain or lose weight. 

When weight loss becomes difficult you may be experiencing the effects of a “stuck” or imbalanced metabolism.  Your metabolism affects how efficiently you convert your food into energy for daily life.

Weight gain and being overweight is just a symptom of a greater problem involving an imbalance of body composition and metabolic function of your body.

An Integrative Medicine approach to identify the cause of your weight gain 

All of the following cause imbalances that can disrupt your metabolism and make weight loss difficult:

  • Improper balance of food choices and meal timing 
  • Low level of daily activity or disability due to pain or injury
  • Imbalance in hormone and neuro-transmitters function
  • High daily lifestyle stress and poor sleep patterns
  • Food and food chemical sensitivities
  • Any shift in body composition that lowers lean body mass or body water distribution will affect metabolic efficiency.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction can cause fatigue and lower metabolic function.
  • A new hidden metabolic disruptor is a body accumulation of toxic “obesogens” that can lower thermogenesis
  • Aging gradually causes changes in metabolic activity

How many of these factors do you have?

Are you eating in a way to match your genetic bio-individual body type?

Each person has a genetic blueprint that determines their body mass, muscle type, body fat distribution pattern and hormone activity.  This affects your body shape and individual metabolic activity level. A weight loss plan needs to recognize a persons’ individual body type.

Your metabolism is also affected by metabolic factors like inflammation, oxidative stress, obesogens, hormone imbalances like excess cortisol, insulin resistance, estrogen dominance or testosterone deficiency, nutrient deficiencies or neuro-transmitter imbalances.

We address the major reasons for weight gain: 

  1. Food allergy and food addiction
  2. Decreased carbohydrate tolerance and poor blood sugar control
  3. Hormonal imbalances
  4. Nutrient deficiencies that decrease metabolism and increase cravings
  5. Lack of medical and professional support for adequate length of time
  6. Lack of knowledge about food choices  (starving is NOT a desirable option)
  7. Lack of knowledge about safe exercise for overweight individuals
  8. Bio-accumulation of chemical obesogens

Let us design your customized weight loss plan to successfully lose weight, improve energy and promote well being.

This is an innovative program and not just a diet or a new exercise regime.  It is a plan to not only lose some weight but also to push your health to a higher level.  Many benefits include improved energy, decreased body fat, improved muscle tone, sharper thinking, increased libido and overall vitality.

We provide an evalution focused on body composition testing and identifying the imbalances in your metabolism and lifestyle that are affecting your weight. 

We then design a specific personalized lifestyle, exercise, balanced eating plan and nutritional supplementation program that will help balance your metabolism and body composition.  By learning how to balance your individual metabolism you will learn how to achieve an ideal weight and maintain it for life.

By designing such an individual plan you can accomplish this without the pangs of diet plans and cravings, become healthier, have more energy, reduce your risk for chronic illness, pre-mature aging and improve longevity to live a longer healthier life.

Our personalized program provides guidance for life during:

  • Active weight reduction metabolic restoration period
  • Maintenance of weight stabilization period
  • Healthy aging long-term wellness promotion period