Is your small group or organization looking for a passionate speaker?

Would you like a special talk, workshop or presentation for your group, family and friends? 

Dr. Chris Lachowski is passionate about helping to educate the community about ways to live a healthier life and maintain a clean environment.  He is an engaging and dynamic speaker and has helped transform the lives of many people through his talks and workshops. 

He offers talks and workshops on a wide variety of health related topics to small groups and larger meetings.  If you would like a customized presentation, this can also be arranged.

To book your talk, please contact us.


What to Eat to Live Healthy for Life: The Essential Guide to a Balanced Whole Foods Eating Plan
Our most popular class! Do you want to learn what to eat and how to prepare foods that will nourish and regenerate your body?   If so, this is a class that will teach you how to design a balanced whole foods eating plan for lifelong health.

The Mediterranean Way to Eat and Live to Enhance Longevity
Workshops to learn how to prepare foods and apply the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle to improve your longevity

Move Better – Feel Better: An Integrative Natural Approach to Arthritis Pain and Enhancing Energy to Enjoy Life

Restore Vitality to Your Life: A 1-Day 4-Hour Revitalization Wellness Weekend Program 
Get a jump start to more vitality and a better life in one day!

How to Restore Metabolic Balance to Lose Weight the Right Way

A Revolutionary New Approach to Weight Loss

Are You Gluten Sensitive?  Are Food Sensitivities and Gluten Making You Sick?

How Chemicals and Toxins in Your Environment Can Make You Sick?

Turn Back the Clock - Look Younger and Feel Better this Year

How to Restore Vitality to Your Life - A Revolutionary Look at the Health Care of the Future!

Reduce Stress in 3 Easy Steps! Plus 3 Ways to Sleep Better and Sleep Like a Baby!

The Back School - Ways to Improve Posture to Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Preventing Sports Injuries & Nutrition for Athletic Performance

Attention Brides: Special Talk on How to Look Fabulous on Your Wedding Day