Our goal is to help all individuals of all ages and all stages of health and illness improve their quality of life through the integration of high quality integrative medicine, nutritional and physical therapies, provide education in the principles of wellness and to provide services and products that promote graceful healthy aging, vitality and longevity. 

We provide active ways to promote your well-being, vitality and longevity. 

At our center we provide care for the entire family.


Our goal is help you find a better life to enjoy and fulfill your dreams
To enjoy life we must use our body to its fullest potential. Only by understanding how to tap into our body’s abilities can we achieve a better life. We work with you, no matter what your age, to get you healthy It all starts with a healthy body.  A healthy body allows you to accomplish great things.
When you are healthy you can do more and can live longer to enjoy your life.

We provide personalized services and resources to get you healthier.
We help you learn how to stay healthy to achieve peak performance in your daily life.
We teach you how to age gracefully to live a longer quality of life
We help you minimize your risk for illnesses that take time away from enjoying your life.  
We help you go from pain to optimal health, naturally!
We can help you live up to genetic potential and your natural talents 

Healthy for Life Wellness Center is the Office of Dr. Christopher Z. Lachowski
Integrative Functional Medicine – Physical Medicine - Chiropractic – Natural Medicine – Personalized Nutrition – Lifestyle Medicine - Healthy Aging & Longevity Promotion

Our office, the Healthy for Life Wellness Center is a privately owned facility directed by Dr. Christopher Z. Lachowski.  We are conveniently located in Southeastern Connecticut to serve the entire New England region.  Other individuals living outside the New England region may consult with us through our Healthy for Life Wellness Education at a Distance Program.