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One Body - One Life - Restore Vitality to Your Life
How a Better Lifestyle Leads to a Better Life

Come join us for a day-long intensive program to help you:
Get inspired to get a jump start on living healthier this year
Look and feel younger and restore vitality to your life
Lose weight the right way and improve your energy
Reconnect with living a healthier lifestyle

Spend a day with us to renew a commitment to yourself to get healthier this year. A program of lectures and workshops provided by Dr. Chris Lachowski on healthy living habits, eating healthier, improving your level of fitness and managing stress better.   Healthy food and beverage selections are included and will be provided during the program.

What you will learn:

  • The factors that cause imbalances in your health, pre-mature aging and illnesses
  • What lifestyle changes can improve your current level of health
  • Ways to restore balance to your metabolism and improve energy
  • How your genetic DNA makeup determines how you lose weight
  • The key factors that determine how effectively you will lose weight
  • Eat to Live - What essential foods to eat that will improve your longevity
  • How to design a day of balanced healthy eating to make you feel energized
  • Essential cooking techniques to make quick healthy meals
  • How to prepare foods to preserve nutrient content
  • How to design a balanced activity and exercise plan
  • The key steps to restore a youthful appearance to your skin
  • Ways to release tension to improve the quality of sleep
  • Apply the principles of “blue zone” living to live a healthier lifestyle

The program is a 4 – hour program held on a weekend day offered at various times throughout the year.  The program can be held for your group, organization or for your employees at your place of business. Class notes and some demonstrations will be provided.

We invite you now to take this first step to restore vitality to your life.
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