Let us guide you to a way to improve your energy, feel better, move better and look younger.

Our premier Healthy Life program is a revolutionary wellness health care approach with a focus on wellness care and less on sickness and symptom care. This program is designed to be personalized, integrative and lifestyle medicine based for you.  Your treatment can be a combination of physical medicine treatments, nutritional guidance, nutritional and botanical supplementation, specific exercises, bio-energetic acupuncture, stress management and lifestyle counseling to help you live a better life.

We are committed to finding the underlying causes of your health and metabolic issues. Our unique and comprehensive functional assessment approach will reveal how and why your body is not functioning properly. In addition to a physical examination we utilize advanced specialized lab testing to determine any imbalances in your chemistry. This may include state of the art food sensitivity testing, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, immune analysis and comprehensive functional blood chemistry, including a thorough hormone assessment.

We also provide programs for those wishing to maximize performance and fitness and shed unwanted body fat. Our program will also guide to living healthy for life with less risk of chronic illnesses.  We will clear up any confusion regarding proper supplementation, diet and exercise. We are devoted to improving your health and performance in all aspects of life. Simply put, this program will allow you to be the best you can possibly be!


A Personal Health Coach Can Help You Live to Your Full Health Potential to Enjoy Your Life.

At the Healthy for Life Wellness Center we shift the focus from sickness care to wellness care. In these economic times you just cannot afford to be sick.  We coach you to develop new specific lifestyle habits that will help to keep you healthy, promote wellness and prevent future illnesses.  A health coach can save you from the financial burden of the costs to manage a chronic illness.

A physician health coach can guide you to design a personalized plan to get well and stay well.  A health coach is your own personal guide to help you understand what your body needs to get healthy and stay balanced.   A health coaching program is customized to you.  It is design to provide regular counseling and services throughout the year to help you live a healthier life.


We can help you deal with and manage daily stress better in your life. We provide a unique stress assessment that is a way to identify your individual stress type and how your body responds to stress. By finding out your individual stress type personality it can assist in helping you maintain energy, stamina and mental productivity while under daily stresses.


A therapy to help stress related mental fatigue, anxiety and depression and disrupted sleep or insomnia. We use a combination of advanced technologies to help you rapidly create a mind state of deep relaxation that mimics that achieved with the practice of active meditation. When you are in a deeply relaxed state, your body can heal and recover better.


Learn more about your health in one visit than you ever thought possible.
Our Comprehensive Functional Medicine Preventive Health Evaluation enables you to make health and lifestyle decisions that will support your long-term wellness. The first step is to get a more complete examination that measures your current health status, level of physical function and true biological age.


A special functional assessment and wellness program to address keeping your brain and mind functioning at a high level throughout your life.  This assessment is a deeper look into your physical and cognitive brain function for your age.   It includes functional medicine and biomarker tests that help guide us in designing a prevention and treatment program to enhance and maintain essential brain health.


If you are involved in a competitive sport activity on a scholastic, recreational, club or professional level you must learn how to keep your body in top performance shape. To perform at a high level consistently in your sport you need to keep your body in top physical condition, have optimal energy, maintain metabolic balance and keep your mental edge. A functional medicine approach is a perfect way to help you achieve your personal best in the sport that you enjoy. We apply functional medicine assessments and biomarker tests to identify imbalances that may be keeping you from performing at your best. Functional medicine aims to focus on how well your body is functioning and identifying the underlying factors that can cause poor sports performance. By assessing these underlying causes and potential triggers, we are able to understand what changes to make to improve your sport performance.