Perform Better in the Sport You Love

Ways to Improve Athletic Performance to Enjoy Your Sport

  • Functional Sports Medicine
  • An Integrative Treatment Approach
  • Improve the ability to perform better in your sport
  • Better balance means less chance of injury
  • Better energy gives better quality performance
  • Better recovery gives a better training effect
  • Integrative treatment helps effectively manage injuries

A new mindset has come to be known in sports medicine. Today it is known as “functional sports performance medicine.”  The athlete or any activity enthusiast can improve the way their body functions to develop a greater competitive edge as well as more enjoyment in the sport activity they love. Our approach looks at any athlete as a whole person.  An athlete can only perform well in their sport when they achieve balance in the functional systems of their body. Do you want to achieve a higher level of athletic performance and be on top of your game? Learn how Integrative Functional Sports Medicine can help the athlete in you excel. If you are involved in a competitive sport activity on a scholastic, recreational, club or professional level you must learn how to keep your body in top performance shape. Anyone at any age or level can benefit.

To perform at a high level consistently in your sport you need to keep your body in top physical condition, have optimal energy, maintain metabolic balance and keep your mental edge.  A functional medicine approach is a perfect way to help you achieve your personal best in the sport that you enjoy.

We can help you address the following key areas:
  • How well is your body handling the training program you are following?
  • How good is your stamina during exercise and throughout the day?
  • Are you frequently tired, moody and seeing a drop in performance level?
  • How well do you recover from your training and between sports events?
  • Are you seeing a consistent improvement in performance with your training?
  • Are you experiencing joint aches and delayed muscle soreness after activity?
  • Do you have a difficult time maintaining your mental edge during your sport?
  • Do you have a chronic health problem that is limiting you from performing at your best?
  • Are you wondering if you have any nutritional deficiencies that can limit performance?

How Functional Medicine Helps the Athlete

What is Functional Medicine?
Functional medicine is an integrative, science based approach to health care that treats the athlete as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms. By shifting from a disease-centered model to a more patient-centered approach, we are able to spend time with you to evaluate your medical history, as well as the genetic, nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence how well your body performs during exercise and maintains long-term health.  

Functional medicine aims to focus on how well your body is functioning and identifying the underlying factors that can cause alterations in sports performance.  By assessing these underlying causes and potential triggers, we are able to understand how certain processes are affected which can then lead to poor sport performance. 

A Functional Medicine Assessment for the Athlete
A functional medicine assessment is an examination into your present state of health and body function.  It is an early indicator of imbalances in fundamental processes that can be an underlying CAUSE of many common symptoms and health problems that athletes can experience.  A functional medicine assessment and bio-marker lab testing is an essential first step to understanding the imbalances that may be present in your body.   

Comprehensive Functional Medicine Evaluation for the athlete looks at:

  • present health status and symptom assessment
  • physical and functional body systems examination
  • physical orthopedic joint, neurologic and muscle kinesiologic exam
  • postural and functional sport-specific movement capacity exam
  • nutritional dietary history and timing of daily food intake assessment
  • stress response and indicators of over-training assessment
  • environmental exposures risk evaluation

Functional Medicine Lab Bio-metric Tests Help Personalize your Care
Functional laboratory bio-marker tests are used to identify your individual needs by checking for biomarkers of anti-oxidant status, inflammation, stress hormone balance, infections and nutrient deficiencies.  In this way we can determine what areas to address to improve your sport performance, help your energy, recovery, prevent injuries and increase enjoyment of your sport.

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