Personalized Care Helps Arthritis Sufferers

An Integrative Arthritis Treatment and Prevention Program

“Arthritis is the greatest cause of chronic pain in later life”

The human body by design is susceptible to mechanical stresses due to our upright posture and activities of sitting, bending and twisting.   Conditions like osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and myofascitis are all common in that they are a breakdown of the structures that support your body.  It is a degenerative process that will commonly continue into later life unless it is stopped.  It is the most common cause of impairment in your daily activity and also may cause depression. 

A Drug-Free Way to Manage Your Arthritis Pain

Integrative Physical Medicine Helps Improve Arthritis Pain and Disability

Integrative physical medicine is a multi-disciplinary approach to help arthritis sufferers improve daily function and mobility.  It is a personalized treatment approach combining the disciplines of orthopedics, movement kinesiology, postural biomechanics, neurologic proprioceptive balance training, acupuncture, micro-current bio-energetic healing, nutri-genomics, chiropractic joint manipulation, physical therapies and therapeutic rehabilitation exercise to manage pain, restore function, reduce disability and improve quality of life.    

The focus is not on just taking pain killer and anti-inflammatory medications but on joint regeneration and restoration of mobility.

Arthritis Prevention Program
Regular chiropractic spinal hygiene therapy
Postural balance and maintain stability therapeutic exercises
Nutritional support for connective tissue collagen and joint health
Test your metabolic bio-markers and your genetic risk for inflammation
Regular testing to monitor your oxidant stress and anti-oxidant levels

Weight management

Spinal decompression therapy to prevent spinal disc degeneration

Our office can provide you a drug-free solution to your arthritis pain condition!

Please feel free to contact us to schedule an initial consultation to explain this treatment approach in more detail.  

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