Prepare Your Body for Activities

Improve your physical fitness & reduce your risk of injury and get fit with a customized program to improve strength and mobility.

  • How well balanced is your posture and mobility to prevent injury? 
  • Do you currently have chronic pain or an injury limiting your activity?  
  • We can help you become pain-free to enjoy your activities!
  • Do you want to stay active in the sport or activity you enjoy?
  • Are you starting a new activity or fitness routine?
  • Are you active in the outdoors with hiking, kayaking or gardening?
  • Are you a dancer, ballroom dancer or musician?
  • Thinking of returning to sports following an injury? 
  • Do you work in a career that is physically demanding such as law enforcement or firefighting and want to prevent work time lost due to injury? 
  • Do you work as a carpenter with repetitive stress activities
  • Want a more thorough movement assessment as an adjunct to your athlete's yearly sports physical? 

Then let us help you.

Overuse repetitive activities are the most common injuries. Research suggests that poor movement patterns, decreased balance and previous injury are the most powerful predictors of future injury.

The customized program includes:

1 session: A complete whole body physical orthopedic examination and flexibility, core stability and postural balance assessment including a FMS(Functional Movement Screen)

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a 7 part movement screen that identifies and improves muscle imbalances of the body and dysfunctional movement as it relates to performing various movements in a fitness program.

4 sessions:  Customized strength conditioning & mobility training sessions

We teach you how to move better and develop a training routine that fits your body type that you can continue on your own long term.

Please call us for more information. May be covered by your insurance plan.

Functional Movement Screen for Injury Prevention

Identifying movement limitations or deficiencies before they become problematic can be vital in reducing risk of injury in athletic performance and in everyday life. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) consists of 7 distinct tests to evaluate movement patterns and asymmetries, providing insight into mechanical restrictions and potential risk for injury. 

The test is scored from 0-21, and studies have shown that scores below 14 are correlated with a 50% higher risk of injury, which makes the FMS an invaluable tool to help define and develop a program addressing asymmetries and areas of deficiency that might lead to injury.

Have you heard of the expression “fundamentals first?” 
All top-level trainers, professionals, and experts advocate the simplistic approach of having the fundamentals before anything else. One of the challenges today is that many of us want progress to the next level without having our fundamentals down first, even though we think we do! This is a problem. What happens is people are putting exercise and weights on top of dysfunctional movement patterns, which can impair performance and cause injuries.

The number one goal we should all have with an exercise program is to prevent injury. This comes before any goal of fat loss, weight loss, muscle building, or performance enhancement. If you get hurt, then none of those goals even matter because you can’t train.

Let us help you stay active in the activities you enjoy.