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Rehab & Fitness

Physical Therapies, Rehabilitation and Personalized Fitness

To live healthy for life we must maintain mobility and continue to move well.

At the Healthy for Life Wellness Center we examine, diagnose and treat the body’s muscles, bones and joints and work with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems that affect movement and function as a result of injury or illness. We also work to promote fitness and injury prevention through specific rehabilitation and personalized home based fitness programs.  Rehabilitation and fitness plans are individualized for each patient based on their goals. 

Fall Injury Prevention and Get Ready for Spring & Summer Activity Programs

Don’t let a fall or injury stop you from enjoying your activities

Improve your physical fitness & reduce your risk of injury

At the Healthy for Life Wellness Center we can help you prevent injuries that could keep you from enjoying your activities like golf, tennis, walking, hiking and gardening.

Prepare your body for activities and get fit with a 30-day customized fitness program to improve strength and mobility.