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Personalized Nutrition


How Personalized Nutrition Can Help You

At the CZL Healthy for Life Wellness Center we design nutrition plans to fit the individual.

Improving your nutrition is one of most important things you can do to improve energy, support your health and lower your risk of chronic illness. 

We offer Individualized nutrition counseling and support programs for the following:
 Therapeutic foods to support healing, prevention and general health
 Vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplementation counseling for general health
 Balanced eating plan to balance your blood sugar and energy metabolism
 Whole foods meal planning and preparation recommendations 
 Nutrition support for all ages; children, teens, adults and seniors
 Nutrition for enhancing athletic performance and training 
 Nutrition for recovery from injuries, surgery and illness
 Nutrition for a youthful appearance and healthy wrinkle free skin 
 Nutrition for maximizing daily energy and peak mental concentration  
 Nutrition to prevent diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis
 Nutrition support for oncology treatment and cancer prevention
 Nutrition support for immune enhancement and allergies 
 Nutrition for elevated cholesterol, blood pressure

 Nutrition for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

 Nutrition for digestive problems like heart burn, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome

 Nutrition for ADHD, ADD to improve focus and concentration

 Nutrition for gluten food sensitivity and food intolerances    
 Nutri-genomic counseling for management of genetic risks  
 Nutrition for special needs - Just ask us?   

 Our nutritional evaluation services include:

 Nutritional history and daily food intake questionnaire
 Nutritional physical examination and consultation
 Body composition test for lean body mass, total body water and body fat
 Advanced lab tests to measure nutrients and metabolic balance of the body

Food Can Improve Longevity and Lower Your Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases

We teach you how to eat a Foundational Balanced Whole Foods Based Eating Plan

Attend one of our “What to Eat to Live Healthy for Life” Group or Family Nutrition Workshops and Cooking Class      Bring your family or form a small group and call us to arrange a date and time.

Advanced Nutritional and Functional Blood Chemistry Testing

Find out what nutrition you really need!  

Stop guessing – Get tested!

Just a single nutrient deficiency can affect your body in many ways!

At the CZL Healthy for Life Wellness Center our advanced nutritional evaluation can help you to understand your unique nutritional needs for your body.  At our center we specialize in applying the new modern techniques of nutritional laboratory analysis to help you identify and understand your unique genetic and metabolic nutritional needs.

Advanced nutritional laboratory testing includes:

 Functional Blood Chemistry Test
 Cellular Energy Profile Test 
 Amino Acid Protein Analysis 
 Essential Fatty Acid Analysis
 Elemental Mineral Analysis
 Vitamin Intra-Cellular Profile Test
 Antioxidant Reserves Test
 Gluten and Food Sensitivity Tests
 Nutri-genomic Testing for MTHFR methylation, GST and SOD polymorphisms


Performance Nutrition for Work Focus and Sports Activity

A Way to Improve Your Energy for Daily Activities

Performance nutrition is all about how to help your body achieve a better energy pattern throughout your day and have enough energy to complete all of your daily tasks. 

Whether you are just looking to improve your energy for daily activities, improve mental focus and concentration, support energy for physically demanding work duties, perform better as an athlete in the sport you love to play or just have more energy to exercise a personalized nutrition approach can help you achieve better performance in your life.


Healthy Kids and Family Nutrition

We want to help your children get off to a right start in life.  We show you how to support their nutrition, to improve energy for sports activity, focus, attention and learning.  We offer a special Family Nutrition program that is a group meeting for the entire family on learning about healthier food choices and how to prepare quick healthy balanced meals for the entire family. 

Healthy Nutrition Program