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Employee Wellness

Corporate and Employee Wellness with Focus on Feeling Better, Improving Energy and Healthy Living

 A New You - Healthy for Life Employee Wellness Program

Let the “A New You - Healthy for Life Wellness Program” help improve the health and well-being of the employees in your organization.

The “A New You – Healthy for Life Wellness Program” offers a different focus than most traditional disease-oriented (diabetes, obesity) health screening employee wellness programs.   The focus of this program is an emphasis on ways the employee can improve energy for daily activities and the fundamentals of living a healthy productive lifestyle. They will gain practical steps they can integrate immediately into their lifestyle to improve their health and happiness.  The employee will gain knowledge that improves the quality of not only their life, but the lives of their families for a long time to come.


“Ask the Doc” Wellness Screenings and Health Coaching

This is an opportunity for your employees and their families to meet with Dr. Chris and “Ask the Doc” about their personal health concerns and receive a few general health screenings.

Dr. Chris can then offer guidance in how to integrate safe therapies into their health care, ways to improve their nutrition, fitness level and develop a healthy lifestyle plan to help them live healthy for life.


Occupational Health and Ergonomics Company Wellness Programs 
Dr. Lachowski provides occupational health consultation services for company employers and their employees in developing a wellness program to help reduce the risk of injuries and loss of time from work. 

Workplace programs can include:

Employee Health Awareness Consultations: Helping Workers Get Healthy

Sitting On the Job and Staying Healthy

Better Lifestyle Habits for Better Work Performance

Preventing Low Pain Injuries

Preventing and Managing Repetitive Stress Injuries

Workplace Ergonomics Workshops

Dr. Chris is available to speak at your company "lunch and learn" programs or wellness events.

Community Outreach Health Education and Corporate Wellness Programs

"Helping you to understand health care, to make better choices to lead a healthier life"

The doctor is available to provide a health education and wellness talk for your group meeting, organization and company wellness program. As a professional wellness consultant and certified health coach my goal is to reach as many people as possible to provide key education and services that help to promote wellness within the community.  Federal and state guidelines now recommend that businesses help promote wellness to the community and their employees.