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Advanced Nutritional Testing

Advanced Nutritional and Functional Blood Chemistry Testing

Find out what nutrition you really need!   Stop guessing – Get tested!

 Just a single nutrient deficiency can affect your body in many ways.

At the Healthy for Life Wellness Center our advanced nutritional evaluation can help you to understand your unique nutritional needs for your body.  At our center we specialize in applying the new modern techniques of nutritional laboratory analysis to help you identify and understand your unique genetic and metabolic nutritional needs.

Advanced nutritional laboratory testing includes:

  • Functional Blood Chemistry Test
  • Cellular Energy Profile Test 
  • Amino Acid Protein Analysis 
  • Essential Fatty Acid Analysis
  • Elemental Mineral Analysis
  • Vitamin Intra-Cellular Profile Test
  • Antioxidant Reserves Test
  • Gluten and Food Sensitivity Tests
  • Nutri-genomic Testing for MTHFR methylation, GST and SOD polymorphisms