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A New Way to Help Your Allergies

Oct 26, 2017

Are You Suffering with Seasonal Allergies?

Integrative Medicine Approach Can Help You Manage Allergies Naturally


Do you commonly get a stuffy and runny nose or sinus pressure and headaches?

Millions of people suffer allergic rhinitis during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Allergies develop when your body reacts to an exposure to some type of a molecule in your environment.

It could be a food, mold, tree pollen, grass pollen, dust or any of the 80,000 plus synthetic chemicals in use today. Normally our body has an innate immune barrier system to prevent the development of allergy reactions. When allergy symptoms develop, something has disrupted the function of this barrier system and has altered the balance of the immune system. Most over-the-counter and prescription drugs commonly used today only help to control the symptoms and many have undesirable side effects.

An integrative medicine approach looks into the causes of underlying immune system imbalances and works to restore a healthy barrier and immune system along with safer natural medicines to help you effectively manage your allergy symptoms better. This includes:


Functional Immune Health Evaluation

This is a functional immune system balance evaluation to identify causes of disruptions in the immune barrier system. This is a whole body look at general health status for age, systems evaluation, stress hormone balance, nutritional deficiencies, immunoglobulins like SIgA and allergy hypersensitivity testing for common airborne, food and environmental exposures.


Allergy Testing to Identify Your Sensitivity to Allergens

Comprehensive sensitivity blood tests like IgE antibody test for airborne inhalant allergens common to the Northeast region or the Elisa/Act LSA Test can help identify your scope of environmental and food sensitivities.


Natural Medicines to Control Allergy Symptoms and Inflammation with Less Side Effects

Many natural plant based flavinoids and botanicals exist that work as a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory to inhibit the release of antigen-stimulated histamine from basophils and mast immune cells without the side effects of common allergy OTC and prescription drugs.


Immune System Barrier Restoration and Balance

Immuno-modulation helps to restore the immune-barrier system. Effectively balancing the immune system requires restoring necessary levels of deficient essential proteins, vitamins and minerals, managing stress and balancing hormones. Balancing the gut micro-biome is key to improving the immune system and reducing allergy reactions. One common dysfunction involves the gut barrier called leaky gut syndrome.


Oral Sublingual Allergy De-sensitization Drops

Allergy de-sensitization helps to train your immune system over time to reduce the level of reactivity to allergens that you are sensitive to. By using an allersode formulation that you can place drops on your tongue is an easy way to help you become less reactive to allergens you are exposed to daily.

Oral sublingual liquid allersode formulations are now available that are a convenient way to manage allergy symptoms and help to reduce the severity of allergy reactions.


The goal is to develop a more natural and effective way to balance and strengthen your own innate immune barrier system while at the same time help you to manage allergy symptoms with safer natural medicines.


We have helped many people of all ages with allergies feel better using this natural integrative medicine approach.


Stop Guessing – Get Tested!

Advanced Allergy Testing with a allergy blood test is now available at our office.

See the following:

and sample test report:




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