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How to Effectively Treat Overuse Sports Injury

Oct 12, 2016

The best way to manage and the best response to quick healing and pain-free return to play is an integrative physical medicine treatment approach.  It utilizes a integrated multi-disciplinary series of treatments with soft tissue manual myofascial release therapies, bio-energetic micro-current and laser light therapy to facilitate healing, orthopedic supports, identifying nutritional deficiencies like vitamin D and others that can slow collagen tissue repair, corrective postural rehabilitation and spinal stabilization and specific sports technique correction.  It is also important to identify any biomechanical factors that could be causing overuse stress like poor postural balance, faulty movement patterns affecting running style, improper shoes, leg length imbalance or improper sports technique.  It is also important to educate the athete about effective home based management techniques.

This unique integrative early active care approach for overuse sports injuries has helped many young athletes learn how to recognise a repetitive overuse injury and resolve it quickly to continue active participation in their sport activity.     

Early identification and early interventions to manage overuse injuries can help keep your child happy and engaged in their sport activity or exercise for life. 


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