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We Must Live Green and Clean to Stay Healthy – Key Steps

Apr 21, 2016

Our state of health and well-being is dependent on living in a clean environment.  An essential part of living a healthy life and maintaining our health throughout our lives depends on breathing clean air, drinking clean water, consuming clean food and living and working in a clean home and workplace.  Our ability to stay healthy is being threatened more and more each passing year by the current condition of our environment.  Living green means taking the time and conscious effort to think about our choices.  Ask the question, is using this product safe for me and how does it affect the environment?   If I build with this material and paint will it be safe for me to sit in the room?  If I spray this cleaner will it be safe to breathe?  If I consume this food will it have toxic effects to my body?  If I run this lawnmower will it cause toxic emission pollution?   If I spread lawn weed killer will my water be safe to drink?

Thinking green makes us search for more environmentally safe and friendly products to use in our daily life. The real meaning of green living emphasizes the need to create a healthy home to live in, a healthy workplace to work in and to protect the outdoor environment from chemical pollution. 

Step One:

The first step to conscious green living is to become aware and realize that our body is sensitive and not totally immune to the effects of the synthetic chemicals we are now exposed to on a daily basis.   Over 80,000 chemical compounds have been introduced to our lives in the last 50 years with many never tested for human safety.

It is important to understand that these chemical compounds bio-accumulate over time to create a toxic body burden that affects our body and state of health in some way.

Step Two:

Second step is to understand and recognize the chemicals that are present in our food, in our homes, personal care and cleaning products and daily exposures. 

A healthy living toxicity audit of your home and workplace can help to reveal and create an awareness of your toxic chemical exposures.

Step Three

Third step is to actively replace a product with a known chemical compound with a non-toxic natural one and develop better ways to do things that cause less pollution to our environment.

The benefits of green living are immense from creating a new economy of manufacturing green products that are environmentally friendly and safe, sustainable organic farming to consumers that consciously choose to purchase and use green safe products with the understanding that it is essential part to being able to stay healthy for life.   

Dr Chris Z Lachowski ©2016

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