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To Live a Healthy Life - Focus on Preventing Chronic Disease

Apr 21, 2016

Currently in the US and world-wide we are faced with a growing modern epidemic of people in our communities developing and living with disabling chronic diseases.  Chronic disease is the biggest contributor to lost years of productive life and is a financial drain for the person and on the family to treat and manage.  In fact it is the highest percentage of overall health care expenses and the most significant reason for continued rising healthcare costs.  These days trying to manage a single chronic disease can lead to financial hardship and bankruptcy. A chronic disabling illness is the greatest threat to the full enjoyment of our life.

These include many common conditions like chronic fatigue, obesity, chronic back pain and arthritis, diabetes, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, strokes, heart disease, alzheimers dementia, neurodenerative conditions like Parkinsons disease, depression, digestive disorders, autoimmune inflammatory conditions like thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, mold and chemical toxicity, insomnia, cancer and chronic infections.

The global health challenge in the next century will be preventing the progression of chronic diseases in our communities which are expensive to treat but also can be prevented by living a healthier lifestyle.

Our quest is to feel good and to be productive everyday that we live. The greatest challenge for people now living longer will be how to keep a chronic illness from ruining the enjoyment of their life.

We need to approach this challenge with a new paradigm of a wellness based model of health care.  An integrative functional medicine model approach along with personalized nutrition and lifestyle therapies can offer affordable solutions to effectively manage and prevent these conditions to help people live a long and productive life.   

Plan on Living a Healthy Life

Today, more than ever in history, we now have an opportunity and a better chance to prevent a chronic disease that could affect our quality of life.  Just like most of us have a financial plan for our future we can now design an active wellness plan directed to specifically preventing a chronic disease from ruining our life.

Many new advanced technologies are now available that can easily measure our health bio-markers which are bio-meteric parameters of body functions along with our new understanding of human genomics can personalize our individual health care to promote an increased level of health and wellness.

The healthcare office of the 21st century will focus on the prevention and management of chronic health problems.  Services like lifestyle medicine therapy, wellness bio-marker testing, nutritional counseling and personalized health coaching are directed at helping the individual live a healthier life.

Our focus and mission at the CZL Healthy for Life Wellness Center is to help more people prevent  chronic disease and learn how to live healthy for life. We welcome anyone who wants to live a healthy life without a chronic disease to join our campaign to educate themselves about the practices of healthy living, manage chronic problems more effectively, measure personal bio-markers and develop a personalized wellness plan to preserve health and vitality.

Dr Chris Z Lachowski ©2016


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